Community Impact Nights

Let the Waupun Pizza Ranch help you raise money for your group/organization!  

Here’s how it works:
  Who: Anyone looking to raise money for a good cause!  (church groups, schools, support for individuals struggling with an illness, etc.)
  Dates:  We open our store for Community Impact nights every Monday night.  
  Time:  4:30 - 8:15
  Bring 6 people (at least 2 adults at all times)
o 1 Adult Supervisor
o 1 Adult Greeter/Table Representative: We will have a table in the store where you can put materials to advertise or promote your group.  An adult from your group will be at this table all night greeting guests and informing them about your group (i.e. who you are, what you’re raising money for, etc.)
o 1 Runner: serving dessert pizzas to guests, bringing out buffet requests, etc.
o 1 Arcade Helper
o 2 Bussers
o Note: any additional people that you bring will probably work in the dishroom!
  Meals:  If you want to have a bite to eat, the buffet is only $3.00 for anyone volunteering for your group.  If you are volunteering the entire night, you will get a 15 minute break.
  Parking:  Park in the spots closest to Main Street (don’t take any of the best spots—we want our customers to have them!)
  Attire:  Matching, tucked-in shirts; clean, tear-free blue jeans; closed-toe shoes; hair pulled back into a pony tail.
  Volunteer Acknowledgement and Release:  This form must be signed by all volunteers before they can work in our store.  Volunteers 17 and under must have it signed by a parent.  If this is not signed, the volunteer will not be allowed to work in the store.
  Donation:  Your group keeps 10 – 15% of sales for the night, based on how many people you bring into the store.  
o $500 – 1499 sales = 10% donation towards your group
o $1500 – 1999 sales = 12% donation
o $2000+ sales = 15% donation
Previous groups have raised anywhere from $200 - $5000!  The majority of the money that you raise will come from cash donations that customers leave, so make sure that you get the word out to people that want to support your group.

Call us at 324-9000 to schedule your Community Impact night!